Mushrooms as Nootropics: Microdosing for Anxiety and ADHD

Magic mushrooms serve a variety of purposes. Not only can they send you on a safe adventure and get you in a proper mental state, but they also provide further holistic health benefits. Microdosing for anxiety and ADHD is beneficial and authorized by Health Canada, and here’s what you need to know about how to microdose.

What are neurogenesis nootropics?

Nootropic is a general term for substances that improve mental health and cognitive abilities. This term can include natural stimulants, such as caffeine, but prescription medicine and psilocybin also fall under nootropics. 

Neurogenesis is the formation of neurons—which are essentially tiny messengers in the nervous system that carry impulses to let the brain know what is going on, such as sensing pain or temperature. Neurogenesis nootropics enhance brain power by stimulating, protecting, and forming new brain cells and neurons.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety happens to everyone at some point in their life. It could be temporary, such as nervousness over a job interview or fear before speaking in public, or it can showcase as more permanent anxiety as someone is in a constant state of worry or stress. Again, seek a doctor or therapist to help manage your mental state, but microdosing for anxiety is also helpful as users seek clarity and a sense of calm. 

What is ADHD

ADHD stands for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” and is quite common in younger folks. However, it also impacts adults forced to accept or manage their ADHD independently. Signs of ADHD include increased emotional sensitivity, low self-esteem, lessened social skills, easily aggravated temper, and overall emotional instability. Of course, physicians should diagnose this condition, but microdosing for ADHD is an accepted practice and has been proven helpful. 

Other mental conditions aided by microdosing

Of course, microdosing for ADHD and anxiety are possible, as is using psilocybin mushrooms for depression. Magic mushrooms also alleviate end-of-life suffering and help palliative care patients manage their symptoms. In addition to these more significant issues, it can also help calm everyday nervousness and relieve stress, whether someone needs a single dose or chooses to microdose over time. Including microdoses of psilocybin can also help to manage some types of pain. 

How safe is microdosing for anxiety and ADHD?

A 2018 online, poll-based study by NCBI interviewed respondents who were self-regulating themselves by microdosing to manage mental and physiological symptoms. Most of the respondents experienced positive cognitive results while microdosing. In addition, because it’s a small dose, it’s incredibly safe to use for treating both ADHD and anxiety.

Additionally, it’s nearly impossible to have a fatal overdose on psilocybin, so there should be little to no concern about negative impacts from the nootropic compound itself. However, you should consult with your physician about your specific symptoms and how to microdose for ADHD and anxiety.

With microdosing, danger comes into play when someone has an altered mental state during their adventure, causing them to do things with impaired judgment. However, as we have always stressed, whether you are microdosing or using psilocybin recreationally, do so in a safe manner.

What Path products are suitable for microdosing?

Path offers several products to microdose for anxiety and ADHD. We sell several varieties of bars and species of mushroom capsules, but here are a few that you may want to try if you are new to using psilocybin and magic mushrooms.

  • Relieve Mushroom Capsules – Golden Teacher mushrooms and turmeric combine in these easy-to-swallow capsules for healthy results.
  • Awaken Espresso Bars – These bars offer a microdose of magic mushrooms while giving an energy boost and elevating mood.
  • Explore Mushroom Capsules – These capsules come in a pack of 4, perfect for microdosing at a slightly higher dosage.

Again, to diagnose ADHD or severe anxiety, please seek a physician to help you formulate an entire treatment plan that includes magic mushrooms. For a holistic way to treat anxiety, nervousness, and stress on your own, consider microdosing daily or as needed for an extra mental boost.

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