How Can Psilocybin Improve Your Mental Health? Microdosing Mushrooms for Depression

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Canada recently approved the usage of psychedelics to treat mental health issues, which gives further credence to the fact that microdosing mushrooms for depression is highly beneficial. However, there are still some clouds and doubts on how to use mushrooms for depression, and other mental health concerns. Here you will find all the information you need to understand how shrooms work and how can they improve your life.

How can psilocybin improve your mental health?

There’s no doubt that the active use of magic mushrooms is on the rise. A look at increasing psilocybin stocks proves that they are growing in popularity. This fact is further evidenced by major Wall Street companies getting on board; psychedelics are everywhere. But how can mushrooms help you? If you’re a newcomer to using mushrooms for depression, it’s essential to understand how they can be of benefit.

A November 2021 article on STAT bears the title “Largest psilocybin trial finds the psychedelic is effective in treating serious depression,” which is convincing enough, and long-term studies prove this fact. For example, COMPASS Pathways, a mental health company, conducted a study showing that a 25mg dosage ​​demonstrated “a highly statistically significant and clinically relevant reduction in depressive symptom severity after three weeks, with a rapid and durable treatment response.”

Not only were these findings positive for those looking to use magic mushrooms for depression, but the psilocybin itself was well-tolerated. The adverse effects were minimal, with some of the trial participants experiencing fatigue, headache, nausea, and insomnia. In addition, the findings saw a small percentage had severe adverse events, such as suicidal behaviour. However, this type of activity is common for those who experience treatment-resistant depression, whether or not they are consuming psilocybin.

Psilocybin has also been found to treat substance abuse disorders, which shows that the mental health benefits of magic mushrooms go well beyond treating depression. More research is being conducted on other benefits as the popularity of magic mushroom usage rises.

Is microdosing mushrooms for depression safe?

Recent studies have shown that psilocybin impacts the brain differently than drugs usually associated with addiction, and that’s a good thing. Due to the natural components of magic mushrooms, overdosing isn’t as expected, especially if someone is under a physician prescribing mushrooms for depression. Psilocybin is currently the most studied mind-altering substance, which means that experts are understanding its usage more and more. With knowledge comes power, which leads to appropriate use and magic mushroom dosage for depression. 

How to use mushrooms for depression?

Although these studies and findings have been under the guidance of a physician and other professionals familiar with psilocybin, it’s essential for folks who use mushrooms recreationally to understand magic mushroom dosage for depression. Microdosing involves consuming minimal amounts — around 0.1g — of psilocybin at a time, according to Third Wave

And the impact of microdosing is quite different than having a complete adventure with magic mushrooms. Consuming small amounts allows those suffering from mental disorders to find clarity, concentrate, have a longer attention span, and live in the moment instead of succumbing to their condition. For example, anonymous respondents of a survey conducted by Third Wave reported the following.

“I have fought depression for some 6–7 years since adolescence. Microdosing has, so far, consistently helped me get on with my day-to-day.”

“Microdosing instantly helped me stop taking the several pills a day I was taking just so I could get out of bed, and I haven’t touched them since.”

“I overcame my depression with microdosing because I can consistently be productive and happy with it as a creative booster.”

With such obvious benefits, great strides are being made in medicine to treat patients using magic mushrooms. It’s a safe, healthy way to get into a better mental state, especially if you suffer from depression.