Can You Smoke Mushrooms? Know All About Mixing Weed and Mushrooms

Whether you’re getting together with friends or need to relax a bit on your own, mushrooms are the perfect way to have an adventure. Even newcomers can experience the benefits of using magic mushrooms, customarily consumed by eating them or ingesting strains in capsule form. However, you may be wondering, “Can you smoke mushrooms?” and — more specifically — if you can mix them with other substances, such as cannabis. Here’s all you need to know about smoking mushrooms and mixing weed with mushrooms.

Can you smoke mushrooms?

Yes, you can smoke mushrooms, although it’s probably not a good idea. If you’re looking for an authentic psychedelic experience, the best way to do so with mushrooms is to eat them whole, mix the powder with other food substances (such as in our mushroom chocolate bars), or make tea. However, smoking mushrooms is more complex and can be potentially dangerous.

The most common way to smoke mushrooms is to take the powder and roll it up, much like you would with cannabis. However, the psychedelic effects of smoking mushrooms are disappointing at best. Although not much research has been conducted, those who have tried it (mostly reporting their results on Reddit) say that the high is disappointing. Beyond a mild experience or no effect at all, several reported feeling nauseous instead of having a positive experience. 

Is smoking mushrooms dangerous?

If you’re looking for a way to experience the full benefits of mushroom strains, consume them directly instead of smoking them. Not only will you have an unsatisfying adventure with smoking, but there are potential dangers to setting psilocybin ablaze. First, there is the danger of breathing in burning things. Just like with tobacco, smoking any substance comes with a cost.

Also, many people also don’t realize that, like mould, mushrooms have spores. Mushrooms release these spores naturally, but when you smoke psilocybin, you can introduce these spores directly into your lungs and respiratory system. Doing so can even cause inflammation, infection; disorientation, and other adverse physical effects.

How to mix cannabis and mushrooms?

Anything is possible, yet the results aren’t the same when smoking them. The one thing about mixing weed and mushrooms is that cannabis has a higher tolerance for burning, and psilocybin has a reasonably low tolerance. What does this mean? Basically, by the time cannabis burns to reach its full effect, the psilocybin will already be burned away. Hence, the fact that many don’t feel the impact of an actual mushroom high when smoking them. When smoking both simultaneously, the high would likely come from the cannabis alone.

However, there are other ways of mixing weed and mushrooms with a positive effect. Cannabis and psychedelics are best paired when smoking before, during, or after taking mushrooms orally. That combination can be even more relaxing than using psilocybin on its own. Doing so isn’t for newcomers, but as you get used to how your body reacts to magic mushrooms, you can slowly mix weed with psilocybin.

Above all, be safe when mixing weed and mushrooms

No matter what type of psychedelic experience you’re looking for, it’s best to know how your body reacts to one substance before combining them. Therefore, try using mushrooms by themselves a few times so that you know how much to consume, how long your adventure lasts, and how intense your experience is.

Do the same experiment with cannabis to feel the effects and know how your body reacts. Being armed with knowledge about how your body responds to the individual substances can prepare you for a dual experience when mixing weed and mushrooms. It will also alert you to any unusual things you feel while on your adventure. 

As with any substance, use them safely, especially in combination. Although it’s not recommended to smoke mushrooms, weigh the risks versus the reward if you choose to do so. When it comes to your health and the reduced psychedelic effects, it’s best to stick with consuming mushrooms the way they were intended to be used.