The Future of Medical Cannabis – Suppositories


Many people can’t help but laugh the first time they hear the phrase “cannabis suppository.” But don’t be mistaken: This method of accessing the active ingredients in cannabis is no joke. And the benefits are convincing a growing number of Europe’s medical patients to make the switch from more traditional methods of consumption.

KIF Cannabis Suppositories are made with two simple ingredients: cocoa butter and CO2 extracted Cannabis Oil. Simple and direct, we have found this formula to be most effective. There are more blood vessels in your pelvic region than most places in your body. This means your rectum or vagina is an ideal place to absorb beneficial cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

Since cannabinoids, like THC, are not metabolized by your liver using this method, you will experience little to no psychoactive effects. You may feel a difference in your disposition when using KIF suppositories; you’ll find yourself calmer, relaxed, and at ease.

Cannabis Suppositories are an excellent way to reap the benefits of larger doses of THC. This is ideal for alleviating menstrual cramps, menopausal dryness, lower back discomfort, prostate cancer pain, lower digestive tract spasms and even more demanding afflictions like ulcerative colitis.

What can someone expect to feel after administering a dose?

Cannabis suppositories deliver around 80 percent of the plant medicine while taking cannabis orally delivers around 35 percent and smoking around 15 percent. For serious conditions, “back door medicine,” or rectal delivery of cannabis, provides the greatest amount of plant medicine delivered with zero head high. This provides maximum medicine with maximum relief and no known side-effects. Within 10 to 15 minutes, people notice they feel uplifted and better, simply because they are not focusing on the pain and discomfort.

Cannabis suppository plant medicine allows the body to activate its own endocannabinoid system and relieve its own pain, allowing the body an opportunity to heal itself. Everybody is different. Intuition and listening to one’s own body is a big key to this. Finding the right dose can take some time and patience. Our western minds want a “quick fix” and this approach to plant medicine can inhibit the body from figuring out what dose it needs to effectively activate the endocannabinoid system. Communication with our body and with our caregiver is important. Navigating through the pain and increasing dosages one step at a time allows us to find the sweet spot.

Why don’t cannabis suppositories give you a head high?

When administered rectally, the plant medicine directly enters the bloodstream through the cell walls and goes directly into the body, which is quickly distributed through the vascular system. It is a direct application to the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. The liver is key to getting high. THC travels through the liver to the brain to induce a head high. When smoked, it travels through the lungs to the villi, then on to the liver. When taking it orally, it makes its way to the liver through digestion. This method takes the longest because of the digestive process and the amount of travel it takes to get to the brain. In the brain, THC interacts with nerve receptors, causing euphoria. The bottom line: Cannabis suppositories allow for larger doses of plant medicine without the head high versus smoking and ingesting orally.

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