How To Use KIF Hardware


Have you ever wondered how to use KIF hardware correctly? We’re going to cover everything below and if we miss something on your side, just shoot us an email and we’d be more than happy to help you out!

But First, here is why KIF Cartridges are better than your typical market Vape Pen

Not only do we have an impeccably refined product, but additionally we have a delivery system that ensures a good hit, pull after pull. Just as a pot of pasta will scorch on the stovetop in case you don’t add sufficient water, the best oil on the planet will burn and spoil if the heating ingredient goes dry. Thick, sticky oil wants room to stream, and never all ceramics can deal with it.


The ceramic we use is porous, kind of like a rigid sponge, which gives it the ability to wick high viscosity fluid. When you fire these elements, they just keep on going. They never dry out, which allows us to run higher power and make more vapour, without worrying about burning.

That porous ceramic additionally helps our cartridges breathe higher, guaranteeing that as oil within the cart is vaporized, air is allowed in to exchange it. Proper respiration is a key to getting each final little bit of oil in a cart absolutely vaporized each time.

The consistency offered by ceramic heating components isn’t simply restricted to a single vape pen. Predictable heating like that offered by our cores can present dependable, reliable heating throughout the entire product line. This ensures our customers get what they came for—the best version of our finely crafted full spectrum cannabis extract—the first time, every time, no matter what oil they’re using.

How Long Do Batteries Last?

It depends how long and how often you use it. A battery will usually provide enough energy to vape a half gram cartridge on a single charge.

A typical Li-ion battery will lose 20% of its capacity after 300 full cycles. It will continue to supply the same power, but will not last as long between charges.

How Do I Know It’s Charged?

The halo at the end of the Battery device will light up, and remain lit, while the device is charging. Once the device has finished charging, the light tip will pulse 10 times indicating a full charge has been reached, and then the pulsing will stop.

How Do I know When it’s Getting Low?

The light tip on our device will flash when your battery has been depleted. We recommend charging your battery regularly to ensure the best experience. Ensure your battery is fully charged by regularly charging it after use.

What Do The Flashing Lights Indicate When the KIF Device is Charging?

The light tip of our device indicates the charge status of the device.

When the battery is low, the light tip will flash 10 times indicating a charge is needed. Please note: when the battery is fully exhausted the light tip will no longer illuminate.

The light tip will light up when the device is charging and will remain illuminated during charging.

When the device is fully charged, the light tip will flash 10 times indicating a full charge has been reached. The light tip will then turn off. If the KIF battery is plugged in to an active USB port and the light tip is not lit, it is fully charged.

How Many Puffs Will It Last?

It depends. Many calculations go into determining how many puffs an individual cartridge will provide. The duration of your inhalation and the type of plant derived extract used each contribute. We cannot guarantee the number of puffs available with each of our products.

Will My Pen Leak at High Elevations?

All cartridges may leak when transported from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. The degree of leakage depends on how full the cartridge is, how large the increase in elevation, and how rapidly the elevation change. To prevent leakage, store the cartridge with the mouthpiece pointing downward during large elevation changes or air travel.

Are the KIF Cartridges Reusable?

No. The KIF cartridges are designed for single use, only. The reason for this is because if you were to refill them the element would eventually get clogged and ruin an entire half gram of oil so we recommend recycling them.